Our Story

   I´ve been a surfer for about 20 years, and through that time i´ve experienced some nasty episodes of chafing and rash caused by friction. By that time, the only way of mitigate such harm was to put some vaseline to avoid friction.

   Vaseline is a derived product of petroleum and, aside beeing bad for the wetsuits, skin and of course the ocean, its not a sustainable way to use the earth resources.


   Searching for a product that, beside protecting my skin, would not damage the environment revealed to be a useless and pointless exercise. There was none! So,the idea remained forgot in deep sea oblivion for quite a time, and, as i came back surfing after a few years of complete stopping, it "popped" again.

   Now the concerns were a bit different, and alongside with all the aspects idealised back in the good ol´days, one more was of great concern... environmental consciousness.

   This was the perfect time to go on a quest to find a formula that protected my skin and were somehow innocuous to environment and oceans by using only natural, green components.

The next BIg step...

   So... I plundged into the world of ingredients, vegetal oils and waxes, formulas, tests and combinations and ended up with a product that i could really use. Threw the Vaseline jars away and started using this new "sweet precious thing". Then I thought, what if my "local boys" could use it too? What if other "local boys" from around the world want it too? Why not put this cream on everybody hands? 

Image by Bekky Bekks

We only work with selected VEGAN ingredients. 

All our products are made with minimum environmental impact and come from sustainable sources.



Tubular Monkey products do not harm your skin nor the environment around you. 

Tubular Monkey is safe for Oceans, Coral and marine wildlife.

Image by Katt Yukawa

One of the main reasons of our existence is to DONATE.

We share part of our profit with active  organizations commited in preserving and suport wildlife and ecosystems.