This could be you

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But we understand...the rashes and wounds won´t let you be your best...

portrait-angry-young-couple-scratching-feeling-annoyed-while-being-bitten-by-exotic-insect stay aside of what makes you happy

But things dont have to be that way...

 Let me show you how

Tubular Monkey is a natural and happy mix of vegetal oils, waxes and butters, combined with lots of Vitamin E.

Besides preventing friction and being the best anti chafing you will ever try, Tubular Monkey can act as a healing and cellular repair cream when it comes to rashes, eczema, bug bites, sun burns and scratches, due to its moisturizing and Hydrating properties.

Natural moisturizing and healing face cream with regenerating effect, great for dry skin, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, attenuates skin blemishes, suitable for atopic skin, skin wounds, burns, dermatitis, irritated skin, skin allergies, erythema , itching, diaper rash. Also indicated for herpes.

Tubular Monkey can be used by everybody, at any given age, since it is produced under strict UE policies about skincare and health concerns.

We do not use plastic, and the cream is sold in a Aluminium Can, wich can be reused by you or simply recycled.

All waxes, oils and butters come from sustained and organic farms.

Sustainable    Vegan    Cruelty-free    Zero Plastic