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Our commitment is with the costumer, local surf communities and the preservation of the environment.

Our formula is 100% VEGAN and bio-degradable, 

We     do NOT test on animals since we love them,

                use only vegetable oils, butters and waxes,

                are ocean and reef friendly,

                do not use preservatives or colorants,

                do not use Palm oil,

                do not use parabens,

                do not use GMO (genetically modified organism)

                are PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) free,

                do not use plastics or micro plastics            

                do not use sulfates

                use recycled and recyclable aluminium can

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We promote happiness and freedom inside and outside water by providing a sustainable and natural anti chafing product free of plastics and 100% safe for the environment

Our goal is to protect the environment and marine life at all cost , refusing all kinds of non-natural products or subproducts or partnerships in anything that can harm both fauna or flora.

We are not a Cosmetic company and our background is all the surf community around the world.

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Make the sustainable choice

When you buy from us, you get a safe and sustainable product. Safe for you and for the environment.

At Tubular Monkey we are commited to help environmental organizations such as "1% for the planet" and "Surfrider Foundation" donating part of our profits.

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Image by Marcell Viragh