Tubular Monkey Premium anti chafing cream  250gr/ 8.81oz

Tubular Monkey Premium anti chafing cream 250gr/ 8.81oz

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TUBULAR MONKEY anti chafing cream born out of the necessity to prevent rash while surfing.

The premium formula is designed for all surfers, no matter age, gender or level of surfing.


   - Aluminium can with 250gr/ 8.81oz for extra needs. More crema, the same quality

    -Prevent chafing and rash in areas such as neck, shoulders, armpits, nipples, chest, inner thighs, intimate parts and wherever you got skin rubbing

   - Give you freedom of movements in wetsuits and boardshorts

   - Preserve the integrity of wetsuits, neoprene and boardshorts due to its fully natural formula

   - Cruelty free, absolutelly no animal were hurt during the making of  any TUBULAR MONKEY product

   - VEGAN formula

  -  Powerfull complex formula made of oils and waxes such as  avocado butter, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil

   - Absolutelly safe for environment, oceans and corals

   - Plastic free

   - No micro-plastics in TUBULAR MONKEY creams

   - Recycled and recyclable aluminum can

   - Hidrating properties while in water

   - For pros and begginers

   - Nice fragrance against that "funny" aroma of enclosed wetsuit