Tubular Monkey Premium Anti Chafing Cream 70gr/ 2.46oz

Tubular Monkey Premium Anti Chafing Cream 70gr/ 2.46oz

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TUBULAR MONKEY anti chafing cream, will protect your skin while surfing, either you're 8 or 80


   -Prevent chafing and rash in areas such as neck, shoulders, armpits, nipples, chest, inner thighs, intimate parts and wherever you got skin rubbing


   - Give you freedom of movements in wetsuits and boardshorts


   - Preserve the integrity of wetsuits, neoprene and boardshorts due to its fully natural formula


   - Cruelty free, absolutelly no animal were hurt during the making of  any TUBULAR MONKEY product


   - VEGAN formula


  -  Powerfull complex formula made of oils and waxes such as  avocado butter, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil


   - Absolutelly safe for environment, oceans and corals


   - Plastic free


   - No micro-plastics in TUBULAR MONKEY creams


   - Recycled and recyclable aluminum can


   - Hidrating properties while in water


   - For pros and begginers


   - Nice fragrance against that "funny" aroma of enclosed wetsuit