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Beach cleanup at "Praia da Rainha" with our friends from Shaka Surf Academy

The cleaning and preservation of coastal areas and beaches is a matter that concerns us all. But for those who practice their profession and for those who use the beach on a more regular basis, whether for surfing or other activity, they are more attentive and aware of this problem. It is for this reason that surf schools and the surfing community in general promote the cleaning of beaches and coasts and are the more active community. We do not understand how, in the middle of XXI century, people still leave garbage on the beach! It is everyone's duty to be responsible for the waste they produce. The human being is the only species on the planet that produces garbage! Are we really the smartest species when we pollute and let our own house dirty?

When we can, the Tubular Monkey team voluntarily helps to clean the beaches together with some aware surf schools. From cigarette butts to televisions, all kinds of garbage can be found on the beaches. Sometimes we are even teased and mocked for cleaning up the trash that other people leave behind, but we don't really care. We let these people believe that they are the brightest and so wise that they have others to clean their mess...

And you? What kind of human are you?

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