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I know comparing products suck... but this should be a no brainer

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When we design or manufacture a product, we have to take into account a multitude of factors.

Some of these factors are economic and have to do with the feaseability of the entire process, but the core and central factors have to be reviewed in the concerns and alignment of the brand with substantive issues, such as identity, image and beliefs.

What image do you want to convey that reflects your concerns and ideals?

When the Tubular Monkey idea began to take shape, a fundamental concern emerged that clashed with the economic issue.

What package would the Tubular Monkey ointment be delivered in? Sometimes it is easier to compromise and align products to economic and profit issues.

However, this was not the path followed, the one most trodden by brands in general. We took a path and sticked to it.

Despite plastic packaging being much cheaper and easier to distribute, this was not in line with our ideology.

Choosing an aluminum can to deliver the ointment to our customers and friends was an affirmation of who we were, and although many people don't recognize it, it's a bold option. The profit margin is ridiculously higher when you use plastic, which is why many products don't reach the customer in aluminum packaging.

At Tubular Monkey we assume the responsibility of opting for sustainable and recyclable aluminum instead of chasing profit... But this is our identity. To give the best to the client and friend and start doing something for the environment.

As HC band Poison Ideas says - "You can't change the world, but you can change yourself..." and we're 100% in favor!

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