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Healing Cream

Dermatologically  tested

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Healing Cream
Tubular Monkey

Anti Friction - Soothes - Heals - Regenerates

a cream with natural, active, repairing and purifying ingredients. Immediately soothes discomfort and promotes repair of sensitive, damaged and irritated skin within 48 hours

Vegan, Water and Sweat Proof

Healing - Calming - Purifying

70 gr/ 2.46oz Aluminium can


Perfeito para


Avoid discomfort from skin rubbing

regenerate small wounds

soothe eczema

Eliminate itching caused by insect bites

Soothes, protects and helps repair irritated skin for the whole family. It forms a protective film in areas where irritation occurs, in the superficial layers of the epidermis, and creates a "patch" effect that protects the skin. Its formula contains a combination of Tocopherol and repairing and purifying ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil. Tubular Monkey Repair Cream is also suitable for external use in intimate areas.


From 0 months

Type of  Skin


An innovative formula that will completely revolutionize your life. From providing comfort in sport to caring for dry and damaged skin.

Sensitive skin - Dry skin - Irritated skin


In what situations to apply

For sports - For damaged skin - For dry lips

Made in EU

• REPAIRS irritated skin. Tocopherol promotes epidermal repair.

• PURIFIES irritated areas. Shea Butter and Olive Oil help maintain an environment suitable for skin regeneration.

• SOOTHES the feeling of discomfort. Tubular Monkey Repair Cream is recommended to comfort and regenerate sensitive skin with redness and irritation*.

* irritations of non-pathological origin


Texture Benefits

A protective "patch effect" texture that helps repair irritated skin*.

*Irritations of non-pathological origin


Subtle and pleasant aroma





To help repair irritated skin and soothe your everyday problems.

  • Apply Tubular Monkey Repair Cream to sensitive and fragile areas such as dry lips, eczema or irritated skin due to friction caused by clothing.

Frequency  of Use

Several times a day

  • Apply the Tubular Monkey Repair Cream to avoid rubbing the skin, for example between the legs, or to lessen the impact of clothing or footwear on the skin.

Sugestion of Use

Apply the Tubular Monkey Repair Cream to the area to be protected or repaired, massaging gently

  • Apply the Tubular Monkey Repairing Cream to avoid friction from wetsuits or other sports on the skin

  • Aplicar o Creme Reparador Tubular Monkey para acalmar a comichão e alergia provocada pelas picadas de inseto

  • Apply the Tubular Monkey Repair Cream to calm the itching and allergy caused by insect bites

  • Apply Tubular Monkey Repair Cream to treat cold sores

Proven Results


Repairs the skin in 48 hours


Softens the skin after the first application

4 X

Repairs 4X faster even the most complex wounds

Innovative Formula


Resultados comprovados
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Healing Cream

Tubular Monkey

Innovatine Formula

Instantly soothing


The power of nature that guarantees cared and regenerated skin.

Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

Olive Branch and Olive Oil

A natural oil made from olive extract and provides hydration and nourishment to the skin. It is a natural silicone substitute.

Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate is a natural ester of fatty acids, very good skin conditioners that contain nourishing phytocompounds to keep it nourished and healthy.

This olive lipid significantly improves hydration and the protective barrier function thanks to its molecular compatibility with the skin. The skin is improved elastically through increased skin barrier integrity and overall hydration. The skin becomes smoother, more elastic and silky.

Tocopherol, or alpha-tocopherol, is the most natural and biologically active form of vitamin E. It helps retain moisture to keep skin radiant and healthy.

Tocopherol, found in a number of products and foods, has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

It is also known to reduce skin damage, promote healthy aging and significantly boost immunity.

It has a high content of tocopherol and antioxidant ingredients, very important for its healing effect.

Shea butter also has a particularly strong moisturizing effect and is also famous for its healing properties on the skin.

Shea butter's wide range of ingredients regulate the skin's moisture balance naturally and hydrate the skin, soothing and softening.

Shea butter is ideal for dry, atopic and damaged skin care. It is extremely well tolerated and soothes irritated and dull skin. It produces a smooth feeling and is very easy to apply.



What people say about Healing Cream Tubular Monkey


This product is hands down the best! My skin is very sensitive, I have eczema and I easily lose skin, but since I started using this cream my skin is smooth, comfortable and hydrated, it feels like magic!

Imagine Surf School

I already have feedback from the team and students and WE LOVE IT! We have trainers with very sensitive skin and your product is the only one that works! Thanks!


Undoubtedly an excellent product. It helped me a lot with eczema. On the skin of the hand that is very dry and on the lips. And right now it has helped me a lot with the rash on my nose from blowing my nose so much. Thank you very much!

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15ml Alu can to take the Repair Cream everywhere

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